Antica Barberia - Pre-Shave Cream 50ml

Antica Barberia

Antica Barberia - Pre-Shave Cream 50ml

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Antica Barberia Pre Shave cream prepares the skin for a comfortable shave reduces the risk skin irritation.

Thanks to its special composition, this pre shave cream smooths and gently lifts hair from the face, so the shaving razor can easily get hold of even the smallest hair easily.

Ideal cream to be applied everyday before shaving as it softens the beard and adds a protective layer so that the skin is prepared for meeting the shaving razor.

Suitable for men with sensitive skin. Original Citrus scent is fresh and showcases the best of Italian fragrance by Mondial 1908

Apply your Pre shave cream in the face and let it penetrate the beard while you find your shaving gear or prepare your shaving cream.

Made in Italy. 50ml.