Antica Barberia - Shaving Cream 150ml

Antica Barberia

Antica Barberia - Shaving Cream 150ml

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Antica Barberia Shaving creams will inspire you to have a perfect shave every time, just like those from on a real Italian barbershop.

The shaving cream Original Citrus scent smells fresh and has notes of citrus and sandalwood .

Mondial luxury shaving cream are made with precious natural ingredients ensure a perfect shave and allows your razor to glide smoothly, so you avoid irritations

Shaving cream has a traditional solid structure, and we therefore advise you to use it with your shaving brush to get the best result.

Delivered in an exclusive aluminum pan which highlights the masculinity and luxury of this shaving cream .

Perfect for the modern man who only want the best.

150 ml. Free of dyes or preservatives.

Made in Italy.