Antica Barberia Super Badger Shaving Brush

Antica Barberia

Antica Barberia Super Badger Shaving Brush

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Super Badger, Panther black resin handle

Inspired by the old Italian barbershop of the 19th century, Antica Barberia high quality Super Badger shaving brush re-creates traditional wet shaving at its finest.

Carefully selected natural badger bristles give luxurious softness and create silky lather from traditional and soft shaving creams.

It's ideal for sensitive and regular skin, awarding with gentle massage and preparing the beard for a perfect shave. Hefty metal handle with a matte finish give ideal balance and highlight the masculine character of this shaving masterpiece. Hand made in Italy and beautifully presented in a black gift box.

Knot 20mm. Loft 55mm. Overall Height 110mm. Weight 110g (3.8oz).

Made in Florence by Mondial 1908 – Italian excellence, passion and innovation with affirmed seal of the highest quality in traditional wet shaving.