Shaving Cream Balsamic 125 ml

Antica Barberia

Shaving Cream Balsamic 125 ml

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Antica barberia is an exclusive shaving cream with aromatic fragrance of Balsamo that prepares your skin for shave, make it soft and gives a refreshing feeling after shave
Distinguished by its performance and natural ingredients, this Italian shaving cream is inspired by old barber shops.

The fragrance of this shave cream has notes of citrus and sandalwood which makes it extremely fragrant.

Traditional firm structure of the cream is recommended to be used with your shaving brush.

Mondial makes shaving creams that is creamy and helps to lifts your stubble hair from the skin, so you can have a smooth and close shave.

Natural ingredients of this mens shaving cream is precious and made to ensure a perfect shave. Providing your razor with excellent glide, helping to reduce the risk of cuts and skin irritation

Comes in convenient plastic bowl. Does not contain dyes or preservatives

Made in Italy by Mondial 1908