Titan Safety Razor

Antica Barberia

Titan Safety Razor

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Solid Aluminium body with polished finish

Antica Barberia double edge safety razor is a sharply designed, high performance razor ideal for a man interested in traditional wet shaving with the best grooming tools.
Crafted in Italy to celebrate old barber skills and knowledge, it boasts a gleaming chrome head and hefty aluminium handle with a trendy matte finish.

The razor is compatible with any standard double edge razor blade and comes beautifully presented in a sleek black box. To customise your shaving experience, select the best blade from our blade sample kit. Replacement blades sold separately.

It is a perfect gift and a grooming tool for traditional wet shavers who prefer the best quality razors for their best shave every day.

Weight: 82g / 2.9oz. Total length: 12cm / 4.7”.

Antica Barberia is an elegant and timeless collection of the finest grooming products for professional barbers and wet shaving lovers. Antica Barberia brushes, razors and grooming accessories re-create the atmosphere of the classic barbershop of the 1800s and makes shaving a moment of pleasure.

Crafted in Italy by Mondial Shaving 1908.